Sustainable Development Goals

3 - The products in this webshop promote human health and well-being.
5 - Too many people still think and think that cosmetics are only for women, but nothing could be further from the truth! In this webshop you will find products for everyone who is looking for beauty and well-being products. Regardless of whether a certain product is specifically aimed at a certain gender, in this webshop you are free to be you.
8 - I created this webshop because I would like to contribute to the economic growth of the Netherlands and extended Europe.
10 - There are SO MANY webshops in circulation and also a lot of cosmetic products that are just ridiculously expensive. In my webshop I cannot guarantee the lowest price, but you will not find any products here for which you will have to pay more than 50 Euro. I can guarantee THAT. How are you going to make a profit, I hear you ask, that will work itself out.
12 - I'm a big fan of ''regifts''. If you buy something in this webshop and you think, "This is not quite what I was looking for.", instead of returning it, give it to someone as a gift! Of course you are still free to return a product, provided the seal is still on it, from a hygienic point of view.
13 - Every little bit helps and I hope I can contribute in my way to take action against climate change.
14 - The poor fish and animals in the water have a hard time with it. If it is not extinction, then it is pollution in the water. When choosing what to do in the range, both regular and dropshipping, I pay attention to the ingredients and the way of packaging, as far as it is feasible to do without certain ingredients and packaging materials.
15 - Animals and humans on land are also important. Organic and local if possible, regional if necessary. In very exceptional cases, such as with dropshipping, this is not always easy.
17 - This webshop is run by 1 person and that is me. I am open to collaboration in any form.