About us

Who is behind it?

That's me, Farijal. I am in my 30s and before the Corona crisis I worked as a volunteer at Stichting Kompassie. I still work there, but my work is currently on hold because I am in a risk group. I also work as a volunteer for the Ambulant Youz Client Council, Plusminus and Veerkracht Centrale. I enjoy helping people and doing things that keep me in balance. That's one of the reasons why I started my first company, this company.

Why was CAs founded?

I started this company because I like to make people feel good. Especially in this Corona crisis in which we live, people need affordable products. But not only that, there are a lot of brands, but also people, who don't come to the market that easily and I believe that the kind of webshop and community I create will make this much easier. In addition, the ease of ordering online has already been widely demonstrated. In addition, it is becoming increasingly important for people to use products that have a low climate impact and I would like to contribute to that. In this way of working, I keep postmen at work, the people who design and produce products, banks and myself.

Interesting information.

Trade name as registered with the Chamber of Commerce:
Charming Angel's Beauty and Wellness
Chamber of Commerce - 81443560
VAT ID - NL003562845B49

Business address/Postal address
Reinwardtstraat 90
2522 AE The Hague
NB! This is NOT a visiting address!

Available on working days from 5 pm to 9 pm via 06 81 32 76 78 and otherwise via info@charming-angel.nl

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